Friday, May 1, 2009

Sal P of Liquid Liquid and I on EVR last night

So after getting to know Sal over time, he was cool enough to hook me up with a couple of demo versions of tunes he recorded in the late 80s. I called him last night to ask if it was OK I play them on EVR, as I was a guest DJ last night. Not only was he cool with it, he told me he had more unreleased tunes from his post Liquid Liquid group "Fist of Facts" that he wanted me to hear. So I invited him down to the show with me last minute, and we were lucky enough to have him drop a couple of sick unreleased cuts on us. Apparently he is cleaning them up, and they should be released on a UK label this summer. Yay!


Oh yeah, I am DJ'ing quite a bit on this bitch, playing some weirdo stuff and some funky stuff and some Caribbean stuff, and some Afro stuff and some disco and some outer space shit too. Left field madness for sure.

Special thanks to Ron Morelli and Pete Leonard for hosting the show, having us as guests, and opening and closing out the show on the decks.

Hope you dig it, peace
Love On The Run

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I Robot said...

great tunes all over. makes me wanna sing "I Love Music". lookin' forward to Puddin'.
Ron Like Hell