Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Memories of Chicago in 2014...

Shouts to Sol Son, Darryn Jones and Toney Nimble for hosting me out in Chicago. They are a real underground crew and will play deep and heavy in basements on the west side with me as well as in clubs like Smart Bar, cause that's how it goes down with the Disco Illusion crew in the Windy City!

Memories of London in 2014...

Massive shouts to Sam, Leah, Tom, Layla, Sassy J and everyone else that jammed with us all night at Corsica Studios in London! Another tune for me that night that's just so beautiful and emotive. I consider myself lucky to be able to share moments like this with people around the world, and for a moment make them feel the same way I do, all through music. This one is a real all time favorite. Know this!!!

Memories of Montreal in 2014...

This was one of my best digs this year in the bottom bins, found the OG out in Montreal. I played this at Patrick's house several times while Alicia danced around the living room, and also played about three tunes off this LP that night. But this one stands out as a real special one since I played it around 5am with all the natural sun light flooding through the warehouse windows, and all I could see were the happy smiles on all the dancers' faces. The break at 2:50 is just sublime, and makes the hair on the back of my neck rise every time. I felt like I was in heaven. I could just run a loop of that moment over and over again in my head for infinite...

Joe Anderson - You And I (Tom Moulton related)

Perfect early soul tinged disco, no doubt enhanced by the special magical touch of the one and only Tom Moulton. A real sublime jam, extended for club play, this one gets me every time. Joe's vocals are just so sweet and in the pocket, and the lyrics are just ripe for late night dance floor romance. Another one you can expect to be played at the next Secret Rendezvous jam. Roots!

Deep Heat / Kozz (Let It Come This Feelin' Of Love)

Check this ghetto disco funk jam with some freaky synth action going on, a real lo fi party piece! This vibe is strictly for the late night crowd that gets down to the gutter shit, a perfect cut with enough teeth and bite for our Secret Rendezvous loft jam coming this January...

A Tint of Darkness "Answer Me"

This modern soul cut provides the perfect opportunity for you to sing along and propose to the lady or man of your dreams while on the dancefloor. Even if you get rejected, it has such a festive vibe, that no one will care if you got dissed and it will still be lots of fun for the whole crew to get down to. Tip: the same group also put out a 12" disco cut for the NY label ROTA some years later.

The Jack Moves are back with "Doublin' Down"!

I'm sure if you visit this website, you are already familiar with the "Fool For You" record that made a lot of noise with the soul crowd in recent times, a real underground favorite. Well the skaters from New Jersey are back, and they've been training hard all this time with a little help from some pioneer New Jersey soul legends. OG cats from the Stang Records soul imprint have been sitting in many rehearsal sessions lending a helping hand with the development of these young locals, ultimately crafting new soul music to bless speaker systems world wide. This self produced team is keeping things sounding fresh with their first single off the forthcoming lp. Old school, new school, need to learn-o!

Warning, this video is not safe for work, unless of course you are employed by a strip club, drug dealers, or voodoo priests:

I can only tell you I heard snippets of the yet to be released and it's smoking! Out soon on Wax Poetics...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Save the Date, Saturday, January 24th

In a private loft with warm analog sound hidden in Brooklyn, New York.

Hope to see you there...

Spaceark "Welcome Into My Door"

This masterpiece is an all time favorite. Just beautiful, and just in time for another Secret Rendezvous...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Smokey Robinson "Baby That's Backatcha"

Another smoking tune from the man with the voice. It won't bankrupt you either. Beautiful music and song writing to get you through your life...

Smoke "Freedom of the Mind"

Deep and filled with hope, beautiful strings and horn arrangements. Lush and Epic are adjectives that come to mind. And it won't cost you an arm and a leg either. Can't argue with that can you?

Old (M) Pressions "Right On"

Great lo-fi party tune packed in the bags, cause this is a big one on the floor! Does this bass line sound familiar to you? It should since it is pretty much the same exact bass line in the Rolling Stones "Miss You" Disco 12", except this one is much better because it's not the Rolling Stones, and instead it's an underground anthem. Fuck the rest, listen to your gut and play that deep shit.