Thursday, April 30, 2009

Truth Is Light - Limited Edition Edits

Jason Lev is coming on strong! After working hard on these edits, getting tests presses made, playing them in the clubs, tweaking and perfecting every detail, he finally pressed them up for the public. These bad boys are super limited edition, so get them while you have the chance. I had the pleasure of DJ'ing with Jason when I hosted the NYC Sound Of Gold party at APT a few months back, and these edits sizzled on the dance floor! I've been bugging him about them since, especially that "stop on by" edit which slayed everyone!

Check the clips, and remember, you snooze you lose

Listen to 003
Listen to 004 side 1
Listen to 004 Side 2
Listen to 005
Listen to 006 Side 1
Listen to 006 side 2

They are all limited to only 300 copies, and you can ONLY get them here:

Now I can only hope the mailman is fast on his feet so I can drop some of these at PUDDIN' next week!

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