Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Info on Sal P's "Fist Of Facts"

Taken from the Claremont 56 website:

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"What a result for Claremont 56 this is! Sat in storage on cassette tape for 25 years, these tracks are a part of music history and it’s an honour for me to have them on my label. None of them have ever been heard by the public and it will be released as a hand numbered, limited to 500 12″. A massive thank you to Sal for allowing me to release and share them.

Fist Of Facts began life in a basement studio on Ludlow Street, downtown Manhattan, in the mid-80s. The bastard child of Liquid Liquid’s Salvatore Prinicipato & Ken Man Caldeira (part of the Liquid Liquid extended family and original Liquid Idiot member) the band lasted nearly a decade during which they created a uniquely downtown New York sound evoking a musical, cultural and political construct that could only have evolved at that particular time in that particular place. The Fist Of Facts sound was mostly captured on a 4-track recorder synched to some long expired sequencing software, however, in performance the band could consist of Sal, Ken Man Caldeira and a computer or a nine piece ensemble replete with a horn section. Never standing still long enough to be defined, Fist Of Facts defied any attempt to stifle the spirit of their music and strove to avoid compromise, digging deep into the idiosyncracies of their personal experiences, political understandings and musical sensibilities. The band developed through it’s ever changing lineup of significant contributors who passed through the studio or took to the stage to help decorate the sound and make their mark. Amongst those who contributed to this evolution were Mark Cunningham, Felice Rosser, Don Dowdye, Carlos Vivanco, Genevieve Boulet De Monvel and many more.
Fist Of Facts strived to evoke the philosophy of the early Soviet film-maker Dziga Vertov who, in his cinematic manifesto, stated:
Simply: the factory of facts. Filming facts. Sorting facts. Disseminating facts. Agitating facts. Fists made of facts. Mountains of facts. Hurricanes of facts and individual little factlets."

Dig it!

So here is a photo of the 1st Fist Of Facts EP straight from my personal collection. The new EP is actually a completely different set of unreleased tunes not on this record, but it does include an updated version of "Fugitive Vesco" which appears on this 1st EP.

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