Friday, April 1, 2011

Cassette Love 014: Johnny from Good Records NYC!

Johnny runs one of the illest record shops in the NYC area, and beyond! Always a trooper, Johhny has been DJ'ing, spitting rhymes, collecting records and flipping them to the benefit of the community for years. From S.F. to NYC he holds it down. He had me as a guest DJ on his old EVR radio show back in the day (when it was still run out of the dude's apartment) and we meditated to oddball post punk records I brought with me, until a speaker came crashing down off the shelf onto the turntable and smashed one of my records. The energy in that room was so great, that the universe couldn't take it anymore, obviously, and something had to happen. Well Johnny is still smashing eardrums and fucking with the balance of the universe with his current radio show he runs out of his awesome shop. The same awesome shop that I've got some of the illest records in my collection from, like Vance & Suzanne for instance, and the same shop where I've drooled over other records, like the Minority Band LP, the Le Cop 12" and more. Keep up with Good Records sales, radio shows and other various activities HERE

Johnny just shot me a pic with the text phone function thingy titled "These just arrived on my desk".

Peep the goodies!

Thanks Johnny!

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