Friday, April 1, 2011

Cassette Love 015: DJ Dirty Hands from Washington DC

I first met the homey Dirty Hands through mutual buddies Ant Rich and Kenny during his visit to NYC. Our boys were booking us for various parties around town, and we instantly struck up a friendly connection. He is a cool dude, and we share common ground with a love for our music, great food and seriously fancy threads! We get along real well as friends, but he also came to garnish serious respect from me when I finally witnessed Dirty Hands do his thing at a Vibe music awards after party. Dirty smashed it! He is the man when it comes to spinning Hip-Hop both new jams and old, mixed up with party classics on the scene in general, and he had the crowd on lock. The peak moment of the night was watching the entire crowd chanting "Play that funky music white boy" at Dirty Hands while he was slamming the decks. That's a pretty funny story on the surface, but if you take a moment to really think about it, that is no small feat at a Vibe Music Awards Show after party, trust me on this one.

Besides being D.C.'s top DJ he also founded Club Fly, and has DJ'd along side the biggest names in the business. So I was pretty happy to see that Dirty Hands held onto some of his roots, and sent over a couple of mix tapes he saved from back in the day that no doubt helped him get his start. If you look close enough at one of them, you can see the track listing.

Thanks for the contributions! Keep up with his gigs in the D.C. area and elsewhere HERE

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