Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cassette Love 006: Ron Like Hell of Curious Yellow infamy!

Ron is a staple DJ in NYC's underground dance music scene. I first met Ron in the mid 90s when I helped his get a job at a record store, just to pay off his massive hold bag of records at Satellite records on the Bowery! He came out to a gig of mine the first day he met me, and we bonded over our love of the newly formed Nuyorican Soul Project. He became my manager at Satellite Records really quickly, and we've been friends since.

Ron is one of those guys that is always in the game, running indie record labels, DJ'ing gigs and running record shops since as long as I've known him. Whether you met him at Satellite, Whatever We Want or The Thing, he has always been an ambassador of taste, and never one to shy away from forward thinking music. Never one to be contained by musical boundaries, Ron has always been indiginous to a scene of all his own. Here is the box, check the variety:

You gotta love the Prince box!

Mmmm, I wanna hear that Ashley Beedle tape.

I then thought it would be fun to surprise Ron with a photo of some of the mixtapes he made for me over the years. Still got 'em Ron, those tapes got a lot of burn, thanks!

When not spinning gigs in BK and Manhattan, or at his residency at ROCKET, he can currently can be found at Permanent Records in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, pointing out the secret goodies to his loyal clientele. Check out his website HERE or his FB page HERE to stay on top of his gigs.

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