Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cassette Love 007: Xerxes aka X from El Ay Si!

Xerxes is my homey who has been a serious music lover for as long as I've known him, and you can only imagine how hyped I am that he just got himself some decks, and started buying records. He hates digital. Good for you homey!

Going through Xerxes collection of mixtapes in his car during one of our recent digging trips is what inspired me to start documenting mixtape collections for this blog. Before X started collecting records, he was a long time collector of mixtapes. Unfortunately his car was recently broken into by some desperate crackhead who stole a bunch of his mixes. Luckily he still has some heat at home. Check out what he posted up:

Most definitely heavy on the battle DJs format! I see 5th platoon in there, and the awesomely named "DJ Spictacular"! Thanks for the contribution X.

Beyond his taste for good music, it's his taste for good food that really stands out as he is the proprietor of a comfort food restaurant in LIC Queens, aptly named El Ay Si. When I'm not stuffing my face with mac & cheese there, I'm spinning records there on Thursday nights, with the range of musical styles running the gamut. You can also catch Xerxes spinning Saturday and Sunday brunch. If you are in the area, check us out at El Ay Si.

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