Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cassette Love 005: Henry Maldonado of House 2 House/Play it Loud/Speak Records/Son of Sound Fame!


Henry Maldonado is a New York based DJ and Producer who has been putting out dance records since the early 90s, and has some real Deep House classics under his belt on the Strictly Rhythm label under the moniker House 2 House, with his then partners Rudy Straker and David Carter. He's been keeping busy as ever running his own Speak record label, and both producing and releasing what turns out to be some awesomely raw and underground dance music, which is a fusion of inspired classic sounds while maintaining a very modern twist. All the while he's also running a bad ass party "Play It Loud" in BK with his DJ partners Doug Gomez (Drrrty Haze) and Darshan Desrani (Metro Area). Check out this awesome interview with him when you have a minute. It's definitely worth the read.

Henry had nothing but his usual positive energy and excitement when I told him about this blog series, and he turned up the heat when he turned up this shoe box full of awesome tapes! Check it:

"This cherished little shoe box includes various 98.7 kiss mastermix shows from the 80s - including the rare Latin Rascals sets, a stutterer-edit reel-to-reel remix I did of Princess' Say I'm Your Number One and a Kenny Dope mix tape he left in my car while out all day digging for records in the summer of '91. Ah..long live NY Hot Tracks and Carlos DeJesus!"

"This little habit literally kicked it all off for me man. Thank you dude! It's about time somebody recognized the significance of cassette tapes in this whole underground / Dancefloor culture thing. Boombox food right here!"

Thanks for coming through with the pics and comments Henry! You know the more I think about it, the more I realize how vital cassettes were to the communication in the underground. This shit was pre-internet, and there weren't a wall full of cds at Tower Records for suburban kids to buy shitty House music released on the major labels yet. Those tapes right there were the ONLY truth!

You can keep up with Henry's Music HERE.

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