Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Lady O K'pele

Hanging with Sal the other night got me digging back into my 1980-ish No Wave/Punk Funk crates. This made me remember just how much I love Lizzy's criminally slept on "Mambo Nassau" LP.

In 1980 Lizzy went to Nassau with her drummer Bill Perry, where they recorded at Compass Point studios with legendary studio ace in the hole Wally Badarou. The result was a heavy mixture of Afro-Caribbean elements mixed up with Lizzy's artsy Punk Funk and Disco-Not-Disco stylings. This one is not for the average Joe/Jane casual listener, but more of a dedicated listening experience, as there is some pretty hardcore genre defying music on this LP. Lizzy was definitely an artist ahead of her time.

I hope you like the tune enough to search out the LP as a result. RIP Lizzy...


I Robot said...

simply amazing music left behind. spread the word!

L. Genet said...

Great song from Lizzy! It is always a pleasure to hear appreciation of LMD, an artist who was as original as they come.
I photographed Lizzy in the early 80's when she lived here in NYC. One or two of those shots are on my blog, lisagenet.blogspot.com, along with a video of Lizzy that I posted. I think you'll enjoy it.
I like your blog! xLisa G.

JackRamon said...

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