Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A film made just for you, "Northern Soul: The Movie"

Demand it at your local theatre! Extremely talented photographer and film maker Elaine Constantine spent her days dancing at all night soul jams on the UK's legendary Northern Soul scene, and has been working hard to make a proper film about her youth for the last several years. This is made by someone that actually came from the scene, and is essentially inspired by real people she knew in the scene loosely combined into great fictional characters for the film. Every detail was painstakingly looked after, from proper clothing that was worn back in the day, to a blinding soundtrack curated by the legendary DJ Butch. This is the REAL DEAL and destined to be a cult classic! If you are in the UK I highly recommend buying tickets to this ASAP as it just started it's limited theatre release that the film makers fought so very hard to get, and IMO that will be the most amazing way to view this. Sleep and weep!

Here is a direct link to the Northern Soul site with plenty of great info: http://www.northernsoulthefilm.com/

P.S. Fun fact, her husband Marco Santucci is a fantastic DJ that I was lucky enough to play alongside during an earlier visit to London this year. Check out a blinding mix of his on one of our favorite music sites, independent movement uk: CLICK

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