Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Al Kent's Disco Love 3 in the pocket

OK I got a cd copy in the mail, but I need to cop the vinyl real bad. Al Kent's blade is as sharp as ever. This thing is a chock full of killer tunes, and I promise there will still be surprises for even the deepest Disco aficionados. The LP starts off with Al's edit of the Mighty Gents, which is a pretty obscure mid-tempo 7" Disco Funk crusher. It's a private press thing for an old Broadway show, but you'd never have guessed what the damn thing was all about. I actually sent the info to Al, and he turned around and spliced the shit out of it and made it even funkier. Nice one, you made your boy proud! The cd then picks up the pace and chugs along with edits of Peter Brown's obscure Sammy Gordon re-work Sandy's Gang, ghetto ass jams like Gregory Andre and Bo Galigher for the lo-fi heads that like their tunes dirty, plenty of deep and pure dance floor gems like my new favorites Ronnie April's "Dancer's Theme" and Sil Austin's "Disco Music", and of course fantastic vocal cuts too for the lovers like Neo Experience, which is a stand out jam for romantic sucker in all of us.

The cover art is sick, there are lots of great rarities on here, and the vinyl is limited. You sleep, you weep! Get your fix now!

And if you missed it, I interviewed Al Kent during the earliest days of this site (2009). We chat about Disco, growing up with a Northern Soul record habit, etc. Read it HERE.

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