Friday, November 16, 2012

Fluorescent Smogg "All My Life"

Sometimes record collectors go crazy over a record in a way that defies explanation, but when you listen to this record, you'll begin to understand why people flip their wig over this little 7" disc of black wax. Only really gaining momentum a few years ago via Dave Ripolles, soul DJs' demand for a copy of this independent release by L.A. Connection's Wilber Richardson has gone through the roof. I think it's tacky to talk about price (as not to confuse market value with merit), and usually make a point to avoid doing so on this site, but to help put the mania over this record into perspective for many of you, the only copy I can find a recorded sale of sold for nearly $8,000 USD. This without a doubt falls into "Holy Grail" category. This extremely rare, danceable and most importantly absolutely beautiful tune makes the perfect case for record collectors gone wild. The myth that the bulk of copies sourced by Garry Cape in the 80s were thrown in the garbage because it was deemed "too soft" by most DJs at the time, only add to the record's mystique.
So you are probably thinking to yourself, "Why tease me with something I will never have?". Well, I'm not dangling the song in front of you just to torture you. It so happens to turn out that your friend (or possibly foe if you're the guy that paid $8K for this) Eaun Fryer just pressed a very limited number of these to accompany the upcoming Soul Spectrum compilation, promised to be stocked full of killer modern soul tunes. Buy it now, or spend the rest of your days regretting it. Check this LINK to purchase the album, which is scheduled to release on 11/25/12, and check out Fryer's soundcloud page for updates and other great records HERE.
There is also a party celebrating the release of this compilation on Friday, November 16th. So if you are in the area, or like flying out to parties, here is the info and FACEBOOK LINK. Guests: Ian Wright (Sisterfunk) Jazzman Gerald (Jazzman Records) Fryer (Soul Spectrum) GOOD MUSIC - CD GIVEAWAYS - TSHIRTS - VINYLS At Broughton Delicatessen, 7 barony street, eh36pd Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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