Monday, November 26, 2012

180 Proof - The new label from Amir Abdullah

Peep it! 180 Proof Records is the new label founded by Amir Abdullah, Kon's co-pilot for the underground On Track mixtape series and Off Track compilations on BBE Records, and renowned label manager at Wax Poetics. Amir will be setting off the new label with unreleased cuts from Detroit’s Strata Inc label, a catalog which includes 30 unreleased masters in addition to the label’s 6 official commercial releases! These are coming straight from the original multi-track tapes, proper. Check some of the magnificent sounds below, and the official website HERE! I am also happy to be celebrating the launch of Amir's label at the next upcoming Secret Rendezvous jam on Friday, December 7th! Stay tuned for the details...

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