Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cassette Love!

Above Mixtape Image Courtesy of Chairman Mao of Ego Trip/Bumpshop/Spine Radio fame

I'm embarking on a new project for this site, and that is collecting images of people's private mix tape collections. When I say mixtape, I don't mean soundcloud, divshare, yousend, mp3 files, or CDs. I mean mixTAPEs, as in cassettes! Most of us (including myself) have come to grips with the fact that we can't hold on to all of our shit forever, and as time and technology march on, most of us have dumped our old cassette collections in the trash, or lent them out to someone in the 90s and never got them back. However, even I still can't let go of the few, the proud, the surviving cassettes. Either for reasons of nostalgia, or the music is that good, mixed with the fact that I can't be bothered to figure out how to transfer this thing digitally, they still survive in some stashed away box. Whatever the reason, there are many of us out there with a shoe box, or maybe even several massive cardboard boxes filled with old mixtapes, and I want to see what some of us are still holding on to.

I've been lucky enough to get sent some great photos of the mixtape shoeboxes some of you still have, and can't wait to start posting them up. If you haven't sent me anything yet, please do. Send images to

AND anyone can join up for this one! Please send me your pics! I don't care if it is glossy, or 1 of a kind hand drawn (my favorite!). There are no rules, and I am not particularly focusing on any one style of music. This is a celebration of the Dj (and the preferred musical format of an era past), whether the cassette looks professional, or some sort of home made amateur tape deck DJs, and the love we put into our craft, whether it was for the general public to enjoy, or just made for that special somebody in our lives. This is a salute to the few, the proud, the survivors.

PS mega props to for these images sent to me already! More to come! Let the games begin...

Above "Inspired By Kung-Fu Films" Homemade Mixtape Imagery Courtesy of Monk One of Wax Poetics/Names You Can Trust/Underground Railroad Fame

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