Thursday, October 28, 2010

Special Guest jared Box AKA JBX at Love Fixation

I am very excited about this night. Many of you may remember this scorcher of a soul mix he did for us some time ago:

Thanks For Waiting

Jared Boxx a.k.a. JBX of the world-famous ‘Big City Records’ record store here in the Big Apple just blessed Secret Rendezvous with the "Thanks for Waiting" mixtape. Jared has been one of the east coast’s most consistent record dealers over the past 10 years, honing his trade in New York’s well known ‘Sound Library’ before moving on to open his own boutique store in Alphabet City, Big City records. Jared also lit up dancefloors as one of the main DJs spinning rare tunes at Bumpshop, NYC's favorite rare funk and soul 7" party, and continues to drop vinyl heat Tuesdays at Savales in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

"Thanks for Waiting" is a magnificent mix of independent records, ranging from mid-tempo steppers, to slow tunes and dancers. All the records on this mix are bound together by their independent spirit, and ambition to produce lush recordings dripping with soul, while on a budget of course. This one is really special, I didn't know a lot of the tunes on here, and the ones I do recognize are only a painful reminder of how bad I need them in my collection. So sit back and soak up the tunes forgotten through time and limited resources, finally brought to our ears by JBX...

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