Friday, October 29, 2010

Grimy Edits Volume 3 - Zernell

Grimy Edits Vol. III (sampl.) by grimyedits

Just got this one in the mail! The latest in the Grimy series explores the more obscure cuts, deep disco chops from Zernell and Goodking.

Volume 3 starts off with the funkeee dancefloor killer "Disco-nnect" with some great synth sounds and key changes on there, then I'm really feeling the deep vibes in the second cut "New Group In Town" which creates that sleazey atmosphere that I love with those fucked up guitar effects, and finally, last but not least comes the EPIC third cut with those feel good vibes and emotional vocal delivery, that Northern Disco vibe. That tune is absolutely beautiful, and personally I think they are all necessary tunes for those with a refined taste in Disco that are building a slightly deeper collection. Grimy as always, and only real DJs need apply.

If you don't already have volumes 1 & 2 they are worth searching out with the creative chops and new takes on some classic tunes using parts of the songs that are not found on the standard releases, mixing up sections from LP versions, 7" versions and and 12" versions into one new cut.

Keep digging vinyl kids, and make sure you check out Zernell bringing the heat to LA on Friday, November 12th at the Juan Mclean show!

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