Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Quality Mending Company

I'm often contacted by fellow DJs and music lovers that are visiting New York, asking me where all the best record shops are, in addition to clothing shops and restaurants. While this is primarily a music site, from time to time I am going to feature what I think are quality shops to visit during your stay in NYC. This first post is in perfect tune with Secret Rendezvous, as this shop is quietly tucked away in the basement of a beautiful cobble stone street in the downtown area.

Oliver owns this vintage shop, "The Quality Mending Company" (31 Crosby Street), as well as "Eleven" (on the corner of Prince Street & Elizabeth), and is the clothing equivelent of obsessive record diggers, unearthing gems in lost warehouses, estate sales and lord knows where else he digs for vintage clothing. I walked down there today and he was showing me a hand crafted vest from France that predates the 1800s. I was also shown vintage sport equipment, children's shoe lasts and other unique items from the past like a handmade catchers mask made out of an old Vietnamese war helmet. Beyond the eccentric items that initially catch your eye, he actually stocks clothing we can wear everyday. Expect dead stock work wear, vintage sneakers, boots and tees, that are far from run of the mill. I see fantastic clothing I never see in other vintage shops.

Last but not least, Oliver sells his own line of canvas bags. Duffles of different sizes, shoulder bags, and even a super cool bag based on a bowling bag style. The duffles are great for traveling, or just looking good. He measured them so they fit on any airline, so travel is not out of the question with these.

Say hi to Oliver when you are in town, and in the meantime you can check out his blog:

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