Sunday, June 20, 2010


Love Tempo was a blast! Special thanks to Matt for allowing us to play music at his event, and of course thanks to the dancers and music fanatics that get down!

Beautiful people in the place: Matt AKA Drilla, Peter Reyes, "The Newark Percussion All Stars", The Downtown Affair crew, Julia and posse, Jersey Bobby, Raw Q & Danny, Frantz, Hunee from Berlin & Jeremy, Erik from Norway, Diana Coco & Matt, Steve & Adriana trooping from Boston, Lisette & Denise, all the friends old and new, and last but not least, shout out to the man TONY HUMPHRIES for coming through and repping last night! It was a night full of great dance floor energy up through the last sweet drop of soul the management allowed us to let drip through the speakers.

And here it is, the last song to close out the night. Sweet dreams to all the sweet steppers...

P.S. I'll be back in Brooklyn in July as a special guest at Lost & Found, so stay tuned!

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