Friday, May 7, 2010

Special thanks to all those involved in LOVE CHANT 2 !

Special thanks to Billy & Darren AKA Red Greg for coming out from the UK and rocking it till the early am, Monk One for bringing the heat once again, the 89.1 WNYU Downtown Affair crew, Drew & the Von staff, Frantz, Sal P, Ron Morelli & Pete Leonard, Benguin, Patrick Billard, Beau & crew, Doug Gomez & Terri from Play It Loud BK, Julia from Moscow and her crew, NJ Deep Bobby J!, Kid Like Me AKA Pete & Felicia, Joe & Leonara, Jimmy the Colombian AKA the party starter, Sam & Devin, Tatsumi, anyone I may have forgotten and of course Robbie Busch AKA McBoingBoing : Stay tuned for LOVE-BOING coming soon!

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