Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Old Chris: Live At Savales - Deluxe Double Barrel Mix Edition - A Secret Rendezvous Special!

A Secret Rendezvous special, this post is the fully loaded double barrel edition.

Some of you may know Old Chris through his job working at the world famous Big City Records on 12th street in NYC, or maybe you had the pleasure of hearing him spin at various parties around town, like his guest set at Bumpshop, the fantastic night of music "Lost & Found" that currently runs at Savales every Tuesday night in Brooklyn, as well as monthly at Santos Party House in NYC, playing along side fellow Lost & Found spinners Jared Boxx, the Honey Dripper and Pablo. If not, maybe you have heard his popular Sade mix, or listened to his classic "Holiday" mix he did for Daptone Records. If you still haven't answered yes, then I am happy to introduce Old Chris to you via these fantastic mixes he did for this site.

As fate would have it, Jared passed along a great live set of Chris' recorded at Lost & Found that I had listened to so much, it is permanently burned into my mind. I chased Chris for a looooong time trying to convince him to let me post it on the site, but because of issues with the actual recording, no matter how persistent I was, it just wasn't right for public consumption. But because Chris is a cool cat and a dedicated vinyl junkie, he actually came back at us with not one killer set for this blog, but two killer sets of him spinning vinyl gems live at Lost & Found! Talk about being worth the wait!

Click Here To Download "Never Met a Girl Like You", a killer set of 70s soul

Making it even more worth the wait is this killer mix of lowrider soul exclusively for Secret Rendezvous, that just happens to be the fantastic sequel to his classic "Holiday" mix he originally did for Daptone Records (of Sharon Jones fame):

Click Here To Download "If My Baby Comes Home/Holiday Part 2.5"

Enjoy the killer tunes, I promise they will become part of your daily soundtrack and enrich your life. This is how we are kicking off the warm weather here in NYC...

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