Friday, September 11, 2009

JBX & Play It Loud DJ sets LIVE at Puddin'!!!

Special thanks to jared from Big City records for coming through with these recordings, and a beautiful soul set to warm up the evening for my birthday party at Puddin'. Enjoy...

Direct Download Link for JBX Set

And thanks to Doug & Henry for picking up where Jared left, and bringing that Disco & Boogie tempo for the room. Enjoy:

Direct Download Link for Play It Loud Set

Also MEGA thanks to Peter Reyes, Hippie Torales and Asaf for bringing the heat all night long. Unfortunately there were some issues with the recording device, so we couldn't capture all of the magic that happened that night, but sometimes those things weren't destined to be recorded, and will only live on in our minds as legend. Appropriate considering the house was filled with legends that night.

See you at the next Puddin'!

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