Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DJ Anonymous This Friday in NYC - End of Summer Disco Meltdown!!!

This is it, the end of summer Disco meltdown with guest DJ Anonymous from Finland, C'mish from TTLab and myself bringing pure HEAT to spark off what is going to be a memorable night. We've got a virgin venue, and we are taking it over like Disco renegades bringing in a sound system for the evening, as well as decor (velvet curtains because C'mish is a David Lynch fan), and we've even got a beautifully hand drawn flyer from Snack. This party is organized full on renegade style, and is NOT a weekly party. This is a special one-off event, DO NOT MISS THIS ONE because it's THE MONSTER JAM!

Learn about the DJs:

DJ Anonymous has all types of DJ awards that he's been honored with all over Europe, but I know if you are anything like me, you probably don't care about stuff like that. But what you probably will care about is that the guy is the buyer for one of the best record shops in the EU, and has some incredible records in his collection, records you may have heard on one of his fantastic "Disco to get Drunk to mixes" on his DJ's Delight blog, and records that you will get the chance to hear this Friday. You will also probably want to come here him spin on Friday because he lives in Europe, is behind some of the baddest parties, parties that host other talented Djs like Kon & Amir, and this is a rare chance to come out and hear him play out here as a guest in NYC. He is tall, Finnish, can't wait to beat the turntables and is ready to mingle.

C'mish is the the guy that doesn't pay his phone bill because he spent like 8 hours on the phone with Omar S the other night talking that real music shit, and Verizon now wants him to pay like $800. C'mish is rengade though, we have been communicating details about this event through beepers, smoke signals, and carrier pigeons. You can't fuck with him. He lays down Disco parties in BK, loft parties too, gets busy on the remix tip, production tip, is behind ttlab radio with his partner in crime Snack, loves Disco so much that his enthusiasm for it matches my own (which is pretty fucked up really), and is one of the brains behind the evening's event. Alas, we join forces for the evening.

Love On The Run aka me, well I don't like promoting myself too much, but I don't mind talking about records. I picked up some really great floor burners recently, and I can't wait to unleash them on Friday!

$5 to get in, drink specials all night and we boogie from 10pm till? You know the score. Come ready to tear it down, because this night will be remembered through the years as one of the good ones...

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