Monday, September 1, 2008

JJs Bobby Womack Tribute Mix

I've been a fan of the Six Million Steps website for a minute now. They do great music specials on there like the Philly Soul series, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye & Curtis Mayfield tribute mixes. JJ just gave us this gem, which is the Bobby Womack Tribute Mix. Laced with interview snippets, this mix follows the career of Bobby Womack from the beginning, when he was a young Gospel musician, playing guitar for the likes of Sam Cooke, through his solo career singing and performing secular music, to the disco era and beyond. This mix has been playing on my ipod non stop. I think it may even be one of my favorite mixes this year. So don't sleep, and listen to this mix meow.


Enjoy and have a great labor day!

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Anonymous said...


Digging through the archives of your wonderful blog and spotted this, unfortunately the download link is dead on six million steps, and the site seems to be inactive. As a huge Bobby fan, i am desperate to hear this, just wondering if you could possibly re post, or email me the mix?