Friday, September 19, 2008

Henri Rich - "Be You" edited by Cubeism on People's Potential

Henri Rich's "Be You" is one of the most sought after, and hardest to get disco 12"s in recent times. This one is very high on DJs and collectors' wants lists, and just too damn tough! Hard as nails funky disco, and fantastic lyrics that deliver. Very few copies of the OG surfaced, so I think people will be happy to have this monster on a proper re-issue, with some nice edit work done by Cubeism of Ebony Cuts. WARNING - The re-issue is a small hole 7" with the vocal on one side, and an instrumental on the flip. So no tears please, you disco DJs can rock 7"s too.

LISTEN TO A CLIP OF IT! Vocal b/w Instrumental



Brizizan said...

Yo son your blog is the fizzinking schnizzle on the rizzizle my nizizizizle for schizuuuure.

Anonymous said...

you are so right Brizizian.

Rich, i had to break down and purchase this for ROCKET ∑---->
thanks for the post.