Friday, September 19, 2008

Play It Loud tonight in the LES

OK real DJ alert!  

I know most of you people already know Darshan from Metro Area.  I was at the last party these guys did and hung out in the booth while he played.  Homeboy DJs on the edge.  His records always look like they are about to run out, he mixes records in from the middle, and I feel really nervous watching him when I'm in the DJ booth.  I get a good kind of anxiety from this.

Henry AKA Son of Sound has been making fantastic house records forever, rolled with the big names in the NYC house scene, is kind of famous, grew up in a tough ass neighborhood, has a new record label called Speak that is making some serious moves lately, is engaged to be married, has a portable turntable, released the In Flagranti record everybody wants, has a funky diverse sound, and he will tear shit up tonight.

Doug Gomez is the quintessential New York dance DJ.  He is Hispanic, wears leather jackets, has been DJ'ing hip-hop/house/reggae/disco-boogie since he 80s, started mixing punk funk in the sets too in the 2000s, doesn't talk much, finally moved out of the ghetto a couple of years ago, he has a cool effects machine, has a wife that is a great DJ too, has put out records on Tirk, Gomma and Speak, but is still relatively unknown and underrated.  That probably means you can get his ass at a good price still.  Book him now before he gets too expensive.

Stop by this one tonight for some proper disco-boogie-nuwave-punkfunk-italo-electro-house action, and make sure to head over to Diamond Bar for Sir Hannett too!  Yes, there is still great music being played in this city by Djs you've probably never heard of.  Go and hear them now before they become famous and start charging covers to get in!

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