Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I feel like dancin'

This one is popular with the kids these days :) Another rare 12" that sums up the way I feel about nightlife. I don't want to sit down, I just wanna keep on dancing. But honestly, this reminds me of Nell's on 14th Street for some reason. I'm not saying they played that record there, but for some reason I feel like this tune encapsulates the mature sexiness of that club in the early 90s. I remember feeling like I needed to step my game up for that party if I wanted to meet women in the club, because they were always on that sexy r&b tip ;) If you can find this record, just pack it up in your bag, place it on the decks of the next party you play, and let her rip.


dusty bottoms said...

0 comments, 1 page view. you're doing great. when do the interviews with bran and doug start?

secret-rendezvous said...

hahah you fucker, don't quit your day job!

dusty bottoms said...

I don't have a day job