Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Jack Moves are back with "Doublin' Down"!

I'm sure if you visit this website, you are already familiar with the "Fool For You" record that made a lot of noise with the soul crowd in recent times, a real underground favorite. Well the skaters from New Jersey are back, and they've been training hard all this time with a little help from some pioneer New Jersey soul legends. OG cats from the Stang Records soul imprint have been sitting in many rehearsal sessions lending a helping hand with the development of these young locals, ultimately crafting new soul music to bless speaker systems world wide. This self produced team is keeping things sounding fresh with their first single off the forthcoming lp. Old school, new school, need to learn-o!

Warning, this video is not safe for work, unless of course you are employed by a strip club, drug dealers, or voodoo priests:

I can only tell you I heard snippets of the yet to be released and it's smoking! Out soon on Wax Poetics...

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