Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thank you London and Leeds!!!

Thank you London and Leeds!!! What a great weekend hanging with the posse up north and back down to London town! Shouts to all for the hospitality, warmth and love, and all the new friends I've made. I wish I had more time to see much missed friends and family during my short visit, but there will always be another visit. I'll leave you with a favorite moment from Corsica Studios from Sunday night, Floating Points and myself doubling up on our copies of Africano for the live mega mix edit:

Shouts to Tom Smith, Floating Points, Charlotte, Zaf, Mark Gurney, Layla Rutherford, Jeremy UndergroundParis, JuJu Sassyj, Leah Jennings, Dego aka 2000 Black, Patrick Gibin, Ayian, Kaidi Tatham, Fatima, Ig Culture, Alex Nut, and Sassy J and the crew up north like Michael and Maria and Charley and the rest of the awesome Cosmic Slop gang working at the Hope House that make a difference!!!

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