Thursday, September 5, 2013

Island Funk Tropical Funk Caribbean Funk Soul & Disco Disco Disco Tropical STORM MIX MIX MIX by DJ McBoingboing of Tropical Heatwave

Robbie and I got to know each other over the years after we discovered we were a rare breed of bird collecting Island Disco records. We were secretive at first, but soon started comparing notes, and before you know it we were hosting Tropical Heatwave parties together. His collection is deadly, and I've learned quite a few things from him myself. McBoingboing's eBay vinyl auctions from his personal collection have created big attention for certain rare and previously unknown titles, and have been known to send ripples throughout the reissue industry. Watch this man!

Now that I've buttered you all up, click these links to ride the Tropical Storm...


Tropical Storm ~ DJ McBoing Boing Live on WNYU 89.1 FM by Dj Mcboing Boing on Mixcloud


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