Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nerding Out

"Cutting From Analogue Tape

Timmion Records is one of the few mastering studios in the world that can truly cut to vinyl directly from analog master tapes.

This is done with our customized Studer A 80 reel to reel tape machine. Our A80 is equipped with separate preview head and playback head. Preview signal is used for lathe pitch control and playback signal is the actual signal that is being cut on the master lacquer disc.

Some studios might say they are able to cut directly from analog source. In reality they still have to send the audio through a digital delay device, and the analog signal can only used as the preview signal for lathe pitch control and delayed signal is the one that is being cut on master laquer. Getting rid of the digital-analog conversion is one of the most crucial steps to make your record sound even better and truly make the most out the analog master tapes. We use 1/4″ (15 IPS) tapes at our cutting studio.

Most of the stuff cut nowadays is from digital master source and therefore good D/A converter is crucial for the sound. When working with digital master source we use Universal Audio 2192 D/A converter. It’s one of the best sounding converters around!

Please note that we need the master tape in ready-to-cut-condition. Meaning tracks need to be in order and pauses between tracks in a correct length. We are happy to do the work for you if you wish, but hourly rate will be applied and invoiced accordingly."

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