Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A care package from Finland has arrived via Traveller Records!

Many of you may already be familiar with Masa Sutala from Finland, a guest DJ at Secret Rendezvous earlier this year, as well as the man behind Traveller Records and Kojak Giant Sounds record labels. You can imagine my excitement when my postman handed me a cardboard box with the KGS addy on it. I don't think it's a coincidence that our first winter snow arrived with my Finnish package today.
First record I snatched out of the box was the new DopeGems "Journey To The Shore" 7" on Traveller Records! I already heard a clip of this new band's cover versions of classic rare grooves "Journey To The Shore" by the Minority Band, and the sublime "Quasar" by Bennie Maupin, and I couldn't wait to spin the whole thing. I must have listened to this record 100 times already today. Needless to say I am super hyped on this new release by Dope Gems, aka Slikk Tim and his posse of funky banditos. It's encouraging to hear fresh new recordings of this caliber coming out of small independent efforts. For the underground, by the underground! Peep it!
Next up is this 1980 collabo between Finnish Jazz producer Heikki Sarmanto and American singer Jeannine Otis. These are some straight up "strong songs" taken off of their obscure LP, reissued for the first time ever on 7" courtesy of Traveler Records. This is the magic of a 7" press, for some reason this song sounds much more bad ass on 45rpm. I found a youtube clip of the LP cut, but trust me, you need it on the 7" press for that extra crunch! The lyrics are bugged, the band is tight, and the tempos are perfect for that intimate dance floor. Sporting a 4/4 rhythm perfect for the club DJs, this record still manages to maintain it's jazz roots, making it interesting enough to stand out as a special cut. Drop it late in the night!
Finally, completing the trifecta of underground goodies, Boyd Jarvis delivers us some deep House music from a long gone era of 1985 NYC flavored House, on 10" of the black wax no less. Boyd made his name in the underground in the early days, making classics with Timmy Regisford that were getting spins at underground hot spots like The Paradise Garage, and later on House Nation, and of course The Shelter. Forever caned by the big NYC DJs like LLV, Timmy, and NJ greats like Tony Humphries, Boyd is an underground legend. I'm happy to say I remember chatting with Boyd many evenings at the original Shelter at Hubert street, and he is one humble cat. It's nice to see he is out there recording and giving his records that unmistakable touch for a new generation of clubbers and DJs. Here is a slice of that unmistakable Jarvis sound: Enjoy the sounds, cop the vinyl, and remember, when you play it, say it!

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