Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Billy Nichols "Give Your Body Up" -The Bobby Busnach givin' it up for you remix -13.07

Bobby Busnach is true Disco royalty. Not only is he behind the much sought after Eddie Kendricks "Girl You Need A Change of Mind" re-edit that is often credited to Walter Gibbons, but Bobby has been Dj'ing since the 1970s, has photos and stories to make your head spin, and enough crazy edits to prove the amount of years he has been getting busy in the biz. Peep his soundcloud page, you may find some tunes you like. This one is a Disco dance floor KILLAH!

Maybe we can get Bobby to share some stories with us on here soon...

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Anonymous said...

bobby busnach here. i have tons of stories to tell :}