Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Secret Rendezvous Year Review! b/w SOLID GOLD REVUE - SHE'S SO GOOD

2011 was a great year! It kicked off with a couple of great gigs in Moscow with Javybz aka Julia Rodionova & Anna Karmanova, followed by other great parties this year like the smash night at "Love Thy Brother" in Oslo with the homey Kent, playing secret 7"s with Hans and Fredfades at an outdoor Oslo backyard gig, Los Angeles with the Ron Herman crew, the Washington DC Disco throw-down with Deep Sang, Love Fixation with the special guest homey Red Greg & Doug Gomez, thanks to Jacques Renault & Nik Mercer for a packed night with DFA's Tiago and myself at "Let's Play House" at Le Bain, The dope Soho Grand Hotel Club Room night with Mike behind the P&P re-issues, Foreal People, Tropical Heatwave with Mcboingboing, Cinco De Mayo with Monk One & E's E and One-man, Soup with Aaron Dae & Chris Love, jamming with Vincent Oshin and Osore at Submercer, a posh evening at the SOHO House, jamming out in BK with Sharegroove's Steve Shakewell & Patrick Billard, a wonderful birthday party at El Ay Si with DJs Xerxes, McBoingboing, Ben Manzone, Nydia, Pablo and Old Chris throwing down the ridiculously hot tunes for me, The Von posse aka Charles, Kareem and especially the best man behind the bar Drew Conrad, shouts to Jared & the Lost & Found posse for letting me get busy at Savales, and particularly the final night of Lost & Found with Jared, Pablo, Navarro One-Man, and a ton of other great DJs in NYC (thanks for squeezing me in), and I'm sure there are probably lots more parties I forgot about, but those are def some of the year's highlights!

Shouts to Johnny at Good Records, Ron and crew at A1, Jared at Big City and all the heads that look out with the awesome vinyl shops!

Shouts to Masa and Sampo for letting me create an intro for the Kojak Giant Sounds mixtape!

Shouts to Mike and Alex AKA the Let's Get Serious posse for the Downtown Affair radio shows on 89.1FM both solo and with Foreal People Ben & Fox 50, also radio shouts to Old Chris and Never Not Working posse at East Village Radio!

Most of all shout outs to the people that came out and supported all the parties and dig good music! YOU CONTINUE TO INSPIRE ME!

Things to look forward to in 2012, a new club night, some more Tropical Heatwave jams, possibly a compilation or two I am working on making happen with some vinyl hoarding friends, already booking a special event featuring the return of Zernell from Grimy Edits, and another event featuring our special guest from Finland Masa Sutala behind Travelers Records and Kojak Giant Sounds, and plenty more secret plans up my sleeve! See you guys in 2012!

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