Monday, November 7, 2011

Love On The Run & Tiago @ Let's Play House, Le Bain, Standard Hotel NYC!

Shout outs to the following people for all the support, we had an amazing night!

Thanks to Jacques Renault, Nik Mercer and Neil Aline for booking me at this awesome party this weekend! Tiago was a cool dude and we had a great time dropping cuts on them. Big shouts to Ron Morelli especially for the dope new L.I.E.S. cuts he put out by Max D and Steve Summers which got dropped during prime jacking time. Shouts to Andrew Morgan from PPU for the new Boogie bizness, and of course Red Greg for the Rim & Kasa hook up which rocked the floor.

Thanks to all of my friends who came out and brought great energy to the room. Special shouts to Julia, Max, Alex & Mike from WNYU for the support on the floor, you guys always inspire me while I'm on the decks. Peace, and I hope to be back soon!

Quality dance music lovers around the world, check for some of these records, and you can cop them either on vintage vinyl, repressed, or as new releases:

Maxmillion Dunbar-Cassette Arabic (L.I.E.S. 007.5) Limited Stamped White label by L.I.E.S.

Steve Summers-Nethermead Arches (L.I.E.S. 006) by L.I.E.S.

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