Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DJ Love On The Run & Tiago LIVE set at "Let's Play House" at Le Bain at The Standard Hotel!

As promised, the recording of Tiago and myself switching on & off all night during a 5 hour set at "Let's Play House" at Le Bain at The Standard Hotel. I drop plenty of soulful Boogie & Disco, as well as some new House on L.I.E.S. (Steve Summer, Mx D cuts) mixed in with some classics by Blake Baxter, Reese & Anotonio, Burell Brothers, Smack productions, there are Red Greg edits in there too, with some home made Love On The Run edits as well.

Love On The Run 0:00 to 53:00 ish

Tiago 53:00 ish to 1:56 ish

Love On The Run 1:56 ish to 2:45 ish

Tiago 2:45 ish to 3:45 ish

Love On The Run 3:46 ish to 4:12-ish

Tiago 4:12 ish to 4:20 ish

Love On The Run 4:20 ish to 4:30-ish

Love On The Run 4:36:40 to end the night with Love & Happiness!

You can go to the main soundcloud page here:


or listen to ir right here:
Le Bain X LPH with Tiago & Love On The Run - live by Le Bain

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