Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Greg's Compilation on Z Records "Under The Influence" Volume 1 To be Released in October!!!

Darren AKA Red Greg is one of the best DJs with serious Disco-Boogie-Soul integrity around the world, as well as one of my personal favorites. I've been lucky enough to get to know Darren over time, and have him play several parties for me in NYC. Knowing how great both his attitude, party rocking DJ skills and musical selection are, I couldn't be happier to see him release a proper compilation for Joey Negro's Z Records Label. It's about time he got the recognition he deserves, and it's nice to see him get some shine, while he blesses us with a hell of a comp, full of brilliant tunes. I was lucky enough to get a few of his edits from him, and I can tell you that you will not be disappointed one bit. Whether you are a novice, or an expert, this comp will be sure to become a staple in your music collection. So now Darren, when will you be in NYC again so we can celebrate this release???

Here is the official press release and tracklist:

Now ZR launches a new compilation series named Under The Influence. The story behind UTI is this, being a seasoned record collector Z label boss Dave Lee (Joey Negro) has made the acquaintance of many of the worlds other vinyl junkies. People that may be unknown to the general public but are hardcore enthusiasts who have built some of the best collections of soul, funk and disco on the planet. The idea of UTI isn't about big name djs but is to give a musical platform to those who have the knowledge to put together a track listing of killer tunes. Volume 1 has been compiled by DJ Red Greg aka Darren Griffiths, a familiar face across the world at record fairs and second hand vinyl well as a dj putting on his own Ebonite nights in Dalston (and playing in parties in the UK as well as Paris and NYC) .

For the record, we at Z aren't interested in re-issuing collectors obscurities, average records that are best left as rare vinyl only pieces, we only want re-vitalise great music that has stood the test of time. When Darren sent us in the CDs of his proposed track listing we were blown away by the high standard of his selection. Unlike many re-issue comps we doubt there will be anyone who picks up this CD and looks through the track list and has the all the songs contained. This selection is the result of years of digging, buying records on a hunch, acquiring a few turkeys to find the gems. Check his sleeve notes out for some detailed analysis and history.

CD 1
1. Donnell Pitman – Love Explosion
2. Lo-End – Le-Beat 3. Beckie Bell – Music Madness (DJ Red Greg Edit)
4. Seaquence – Disco Thing
5. Panache – Get Down! (To The Sweet Music)
6. Andy Crown – Why Do I Love You (DJ Red Greg Edit)
7. Free Spirit – Get On Up
8. Sophisticated Ladies – This Ain’t Really Love
9. The Vandales – Feeling Freaky (DJ Red Greg Edit)
10. Sir Ted Ford – Disco Music
11. Chain Reaction - Search For Tomorrow
12. Aged In Harmony – You’re A Melody (Extended Disco)

CD 2
1. Rim & Kasa – Love Me For Real (DJ Red Greg Edit)
2. KIC – You Don’t Want My Love
3. Arthur King – Fear
4. Percy & Them – Shake It! (DJ Red Greg Edit)
5. Lafayette Street – Can You Dig It
6. New Love Ltd & Interstate 95 –
So Much To Talk About 7. Miss Misty – Right Size (DJ Red Greg Edit)
8. Thunderbolt – Love Is So Funny (DJ Red Greg Edit)
9. Del Richardson – Rainbows (Jazz Mix)
10. Jim Manns – I Got To Have Your Love
11. Carl Marshall & The SD’s – Crazy
12. Star Quad – Booty Shaker (DJ Red Greg Edit)

Don't miss out on this one!

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