Friday, August 12, 2011

The elusive Superfunkanova MIX by Sean P of Better Days Records fame!

Before you have the luxury of downloading this incredibly funky mix by none other than Sean P, AKA "The Knowledge", I want you to know the lengths I went through to get this mix.

A few years ago while scouring the interwebz, I somehow came across a limited download from the man himself. I was already a fan of Sean P's edits, and I had a couple of other mixes by him I would listen to. There was the 6 Million Steps mix, the DJ History mix, and the Red Bull academy mix, all killer, no filler. This new mix was really special, and I felt like it was my favorite of the bunch. I was listening to it on the regular, as I usually do when I obsess over a great mix or tune.

Everything was going peachy, until something went horribly wrong one day, as this latest limited mix was gone from my computer. Did I accidentally delete it? Maybe. I spent hours upon hours of turning my hard drives both internal and external inside out, trying to find it. I searched every possible term, and eventually went into the back end and literally clicked on every audio file to hear it, and make sure it wasn't named incorrectly. Keep in mind, I have thousands, upon thousands of audio files. I did this twice. I am not kidding. It was days of searching. I hit up every message board forum, and nobody knew what mix I was talking about. I tried messaging Sean P himself on any forum he may have been a member, but he doesn't strike me as someone that spends much time on the interwebz. The last time he logged into DJ History (yes I checked) was like 1997 or something, so this shit was getting hopeless. I've made announcements on facebook, and reached out to anyone possible, to no avail.

A few days ago one of our favorite DJs Red Greg hit me up and asked me if I was still looking for this mix. He said he was chatting to Sean P, and would see if he could get it for me. I told him all the records I could remember from the mix, in hopes of getting the right one. Well, two days ago Red Greg came through with the mix, and said Sean P wouldn't mind if he shared it. I clicked and downloaded to be sure, and BAM, there it was, the first bars of VIP Connection came through my speakers. What a glorious moment this was! Well this mix is just so bad ass, just as hot as I remember it, and now it is time I shared it with you, the people who though I was crazy going after a mix that didn't exist.

Here it is, in it's full Disco Boogie Funk Craze GLORY:



Enjoy, and thank you Red Greg and Sean P for coming through!

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