Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Mark the 45 King" killing it on the portables

I'm sure most of us have seen this video before, but I'll post it up for those that haven't. Mark the 45 King just wrecking it with 7"s on the portables.

I never realized he posted up on the youtube link. This is what he says:

"The main thing about the Video to me is Everything is small

the 45 record / the Mixer / the turntable , Thats the trick I was

trying to get across went I made this Video . All I did was Count the BPM of any record I want to play and play them

in order,And to the Damage: the records can take getting throw around a little bit,and I

don't even play them alot anyway , and it looks cool.

NO RECORDS WAS HARM in the make of this Video

it's like a Rock Group Break their Guitars at the end of the show"

Tracklist: 'Sugar Daddy'-Jackson 5 (Motown) 'Don't look any further'-Dennis Edwards (Motown) 'All night long'-Mary Jane Girls (Motown) 'Breakdown Pt. 2'-Rufus Thomas (Stax white label) 'Fencewalk'-Mandrill (Polydor) 'Feel like dancing'-Bad Bascomb (Monument) 'Get up, get into it, get involved'-James Brown (King) 'Before I let go'-Maze (Capitol) 'Sang & dance'-Bar-Kays (Volt) 'Champ'-Mohawks (Sir JJ) 'Just a touch of love'-Slave (Cotillion) 'Funky music is the thing'-Dynamic Corvettes (Abet) - 'I want to thank you'-Alicia Myers (MCA) 'Love hangover'-Diana Ross (Motown) 'Funky man'-Kool & The Gang (De-Lite) 'Push'-One Way (MCA) 'First true love affair'-Jimmy Ross (RFC) 'Scorpio'-Dennis Coffey (Sussex) 'Give the drummer some more'-Little Hooks (United Artists) 'Boogie oogie oogie'-Taste Of Honey (Capitol) 'Keep your body working'-Kleeer (Atlantic) 'Super bad'-James Brown (Polydor) 'Funky broadway'-Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound) 'Git it all'-Mandrill (Polydor)

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