Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Fantastic Soul "Aftershower Funk" (Joe Bataan Cover) on Kay-Dee

Kenny Dope smashes it with his band's rendition of Joe Bataan's classic Latin Funk workout "Aftershower Funk" on Kay-Dee Records. This isn't actually the 45 version playing on the youtube clip, which is the mix down I prefer. What I like about the 45 is that it just jumps right in and rips through the jam. Even better, the b-side on the 45 is seriously heavy on the drum breaks, which tear through the vinyl so hard it would inspire even the shyest wall flower to throw down some wicked latin style b-boy moves on the dance floor, or at least think they were throwing down some wicked latin style b-boy moves. But you know what they say, "Dance like no one is watching".

I just picked this one up today at Big City Records (212) 539-0208, so cop it while it's hot and they've still got stock, especially since they have the blue vinyl copies. There is another single scheduled to drop, and finally a full LP in the fall, stay tuned.

I also nerded out over getting a Kay-Dee t-shirt hooked up. I caught the red and yellow one. How you like me now?

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