Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flowers - For Real b/w 12" Bootleg Version

I like the little story behind this rarity, check it:

"Flowers - For Real ( Vocal )..This 45 surfaced in the late 80's/early 90's.Not much was known about this track,but it went from an obscure unknown to one of the most wanted "Modern Soul Tunes" to date.At the time only a few were surfacing and the well known Jocks on the scene got a hold of it first.The idea was to play it out and get the demand for it,as 100's were coming into the UK at a later date?????One close Soul Dj of mine put his order in,not even heard the tune before and shelled out £100 for it.I was tempted but i thought to myself,"Hang on a minute there will be hundreds in a few months time and i'll probably snatch a copy for about £20 - £30....That was not the case they never arrived..Over the years the very few that were on the scene,popped up now and again for auction changing hands for £300 - £500 a copy. I was lucky i managed to find a copy for £280 but it took me 12years to get it..I believe it's appeared on many auction sites over the years,as a batch did arrive but 10+ years too late all in "Mint Condition" and they all went quicker than they landed.!!!!!! A very Rare 45 that i'm sure will command a tag of £1000 in the near future???????"

Now for the bootleg "12" Version:

This is the only version that does a good job splicing together side a (vocal) and side b (pretty wicked instrumental actually) from the 7". The bootleg itself is now a bit of a rare record in it's own right. When I first got my hands on it a couple of years ago, I must have listened to this version 1,000 times in a row. In a word, this version is simply EPIC.

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