Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Soul & Disco Record Fair in London this Sunday, August 22nd

This looks pretty good if you are in the area, check out the info straight from Andy Bird's beak:

"A low key afternoon with friends down selling some fine music, cold beer and a BBQ in the garden. Summer Sunday Heaven.

Already confirmed selling some records are Mark Gurney, Toni 'Blackbeard' Rosano, Mr Thing, Andy Bird, Mark Webster, Gavin Page, Deke Eichler, Rod 'Spin Doctor' Gilmore, Rik Moran, Andy Baker and more TBC so there should be some choice music for your purchasing pleasure.

We'll have listening posts set up for yo...u to check out before you buy, comfy sofas to take a break on, and might even have some DJs playingin the evening.

With a BBQ fired up in the garden and cold beer on tap bring the family down for an afternoon of record digging, beer swigging and, with a bit of luck, some sunshine."

See you there

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