Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who Spiked The Punch? - King Britt's Dedication to The Loft

From Saturn Never Sleeps:


"Last week I had the pleasure of spinning with the Robotique crew in Philadelphia. We did a special night dedicated to Dave Mancuso‘s Loft parties in NYC. This really meant a lot to me because I was a “Lofter” in the late 80s. We use to trek up to NYC to lose ourselves in the music and an atmosphere which eventually became historic nights. This was the blueprint of my dj career.

While preparing for the special dedication, I pulled out some beautiful vinyl pieces from my library. I wanted to play things that were featured there, things I would have selected if I had played the Loft – and also sounds that may really work there today.

In this podcast you will find rare gems like Eberhard Schoener w/ The Police (before they blew up), Get the Balance Right (dub mix) by Depeche Mode and new tidbits like Maurice Fulton‘s mix of Woofy. Enjoy these tunes as much as I have over the years!"
- King Britt

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