Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love Rescue! Zernell, Ben Manzone, Love On The Run Thank You's and Playlists from 3/12/10!

Whoah, what a crowded party that night! Lots of people came out, and there were great sets spun by all! Mega special thanks to Zernell for trooping out with a heavy bag of records for this party. This is an all vinyl set up, and he flew out from Chicago carrying a heavy bag of treats for us all! Thx to guest DJs Zernell and Ben Manzone for all the great tunes, and thanks to all of the great Secret Rendezvous party people that came out for the night like Afro King Osita and his crew of beautiful people, Xerxes and the fantastic Orchard crew, power couple Johnny Paycheck & Em the fashion Queen from Good Records, Doc Delay, The ever fashionable Seize sur Vingt Soho crew, The sexy Kiki De Montparnasse girls, Steve "Shakewell", James, Frantz, sweet Julia of Javybz, The Downtown Affair Djs and their crew keeping real radio alive on WNYU FM, Dirty Diana, the very talented posse of Mr & Mrs Guido and Joe & Leonora, Basie-Boogie from Soulstrut, Zernell's fantastic fam and friends, Ben's beauties, Mikie Lixx, everyone I forgot to name, and all the dancers as well as all the beautiful women that were getting their boogie on that night! I also love to thank the 4am crew that keeps it real as fuck and wants to hear every damn record played until the lights come on! Zernell took many to school that evening!

You can watch a couple of dark videos, or at least listen to some of them here:

Zernell in the dark Part 1:

Zernell in the dark Part2:

A shot of the crew!

Check out some records that were played, here is just a small sample:

Zernell (Grimy Edits, Chicago)
fatback/(hey) i feel real good
the jb's/just wanna make you dance
brothers by choice/ young,single and free
nino tempo/ young stuff
jack ashford/ hotel sheet
j.d. hall/ wonder woman
kay gee's/ latican funk
watsonian institute/ lil sis
freeze/ flying high
minneapolis genius/if you feel like dancin'

Ben Manzone (Foreal People, BK)
rhond durand - disco fever
buari - advice from father
cleveland eaton - bama boogie woogie
eddie cheeba - looking good
love exchange - got to find a disco
glitter band - makes you blind
lafayette street - can you feel it
king sporty - fire keep on burning
brenda harris - making love keeps you fit
max b - bananaticoco

Love On The Run (Secret Rendezvous, NYC)
Lorraine Johnson "The More I Get, The More I Want"
Glenn Dorsey and The Big J "Moving On"
Jesse Gomez "Baby I'm Coming At You"
Basic Black and Pearl "There'll Come A Time There'll Come A Day"
Aged In Harmony "Theme For Someone Special"
GQ "Make My ream A Reality"
Eloise Laws "Love Goes Deeper Than That"
Sparkles "Trying To Get Over On You (Part 2)"
The New Yorkers "My Baby Knows (Part 1)"
Million Dollar Orchestra "Rock, Freak, Boogie" from the Better Days LP, a straight up killer... don't sleep!

I don't even feel a hangover from this one cause it was all top shelf goodness, so I'm already in the middle of planning at least 2 more parties in the next few weeks, one featuring a certain Wax Poetics contributer's first Secret Rendezvous appearance, and a special return guest from the UK coming very soon, stay tuned...

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Great selections by everyone !!!!! PROPER !