Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Tree & Sharon Brown

Here is a classic tune we all know and love, but it was what I read in the comments section that really made me want to post this youtube video:

"Thank you all ! Hi This is Sharon Brown and this is one of my first compositions and vocal performances as a recording artist. I recorded this track in L.A. in the seventies with 2 men who claimed to be of help to me by the name of Al Chisson and Gary Alexander. I have no clue where these guy's are but Norman Cook has his name all over my track and he has not paid a dime to use this track ! We r looking 4 u Mr. Cook aka Fat Boy Slim. Sharon Brown I Specialize In love & I Fight For It"

First of all I never knew it was Sharon Brown singing on that cut, and second of all, whoa, go ahead speak your mind Sharon! Reading that made my day...

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