Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a year it's been...

Aaahh, December is almost upon us, and I can't help but reflect on the year's happenings. Exactly one year ago today marked the resurgence of Secret Rendezvous' party promotions, starting with "Sound of Gold NYC" featuring special guest DJ "JL" of Sound of Gold fame. From there on out it's been full speed ahead back on the party circuit. Let's take a moment to reflect on the amazing Djs that were kind enough to accept my invitations to spin at Puddin' and other related events this past year:

Hippie Torrales - Truly in an elite class of DJ, Hippie is one of NJ's OGs on the decks. Spinning parties since the early 70s, he'd managed to build his career starting with mobile sound systems in which he and his crew played deep disco and dance music to the thousands that would congregate in renegade venues in the Garden State. His rep grew steadily, and he eventually became the first, and long running Zanzibar resident DJ, and has continued to shine through the decades, and continues to spin records around the globe.

Peter Reyes - A legend amongst his peers, and an amazing and rare talent on the decks. Peter has also been spinning disco and dance music since the 70s, and continues to play parties around the globe. He has managed to stay an industry secret all these years, however those in the know respect the game, and know that Peter is one of the illest DJs and collectors of vinyl out there. We have been blessed to have Peter grace the decks on several occasions, and he always takes the crowd to school and back!

Sal Principato - A lead player in the seminal 80s downtown NYC band Liquid Liquid, Sal has been defying genres and categorization for years, cultivating an original sound, and making cult classic records in the meantime. Sal's music continues to inspire musicians decades later, is back together with the band working on new music, and his wide variety of taste in music has made him a reputation as quite the DJ these days as well. We got together with Sal one night and had a fantastic cook out (he's a chef too), while we played everything from island soul to left field dance tunes.

Kon - our first Puddin' guest, and he has been a tough act to follow. Widely known for his mix series and edit label "Off Track" & "On Track" with partner Amir on BBE Records, Kon is one killer Dj live in the club. Kon brought the heat so hard at Puddin' I thought the room was going to burst into flames, and I was right, it did. He knocked out an amazing set of disco & boogie, and we look forward to rocking with him again in NYC soon.

Jamie 3:26 - One of Chicago's finest. Jamie was there from the beginning of Chicago's dance music explosion. Hanging out at Ron Hardy nights must have had an impact on this Chicago jock, who brings serious heat to the decks. He laid it down in NYC, with tons of deep obscure cuts, relentless edits he's spliced himself, and heavy floor hitters. This guy is a fantastic representative for the windy city, and laid shit down for us, and I hope he lays it down soon in your town too.

"JL" of Sound of Gold - This cat traveled internationally with a bag of records (not cds), just to rep properly at our party. it was well worth it. Mostly known for his Sound of Gold mix cds, and re-edit record label Truth is Light, what a lot of people don't know is that JL can also hold down his tequila, while rocking down the club. From classics to boogie to modern soul to deep disco, this cat just ripped it up for us, and seriously brought the vibe to the room. Another round of shots, eh?

Jared aka JBX - Vinyl wiz kid Jared is known for running Big City Records, a top vinyl shop in NYC, as well as spinning weekly Lost & Found parties in Brooklyn. If you never get a chance to make it to NYC, luckily you can hear an amazing mix JBX did exclusively for this site called "Thanks for Waiting". Jared brought some beautiful Philly 7"s and more to my birthday party as well, and he even recorded his set from the night for us, and it is also posted on this site for your listening pleasure.

Anonymous - the man from Finland, voted best Finnish Dj of all types year after year in all sorts of polls and competitions! You may also know him from his "Disco to get drunk to" mixes. This was a collaboration night with C'mish, with private curtains in an undisclosed location, with a make shift disco ball and lighting. Basically everything you can ask for when you are looking for a Secret Rendezvous party. Anonymous took the party from chill to thrill as he got on the decks, and proved why he has the reputation he so deserves. The dancers were dancing, the girls were shaking it, the drinks were flowing, the drunks were crying, management was all types of cutting loose, Peter Reyes was outside schooling people, it just doesn't stop when the night is right...

Asaf - the man behind the man behind the man. nuff said, cause you either know or you don't know. One of the tightest collectors, dealers, flippers, mustache growers... check out paperstax and 100 Limousines to get up. He came through big time, with a scorcher of a closing set on my birthday, way to take it out Asaf. I've still got memories from that night and your killer set.

- Doug Gomez & Henry Maldonado - two of the three main Djs behind one of NYC's best dance music nights, Play It Loud. These cats have been getting down on the decks and production tip since the 80s (House 2 House anybody?), and continue to get down these days once a month with Darshan at PIL. Look out for their vinyl releases as they are both just as busy in the studio as ever. These guys took the night up a whole other notch on my birthday, and we have the set to prove it. Just check the "mixtapes" section on this site for a down load of their special tag-team set that night. Enjoy.

Ron "Mad Man" Morelli - no that's not a guy working the docks, that's a guy working the decks! behind the tough exterior of an ex-punk rocker lies the soft underbelly of an Italian boy continuing a long tradition of italian disco djs, playing everything from slow chugging sleaze, to fired up disco, and left field bizarro shit. Ron locks into a groove, and won't let you down. From changing tempo in a set, to texture and moods, he takes you on an true sonic adventure every time he has enough sapporo's in him. He's also got a fantastic radio show with partner and future guest Dj Pete Leonard called "No Flash" on Thursday nights on EVR. The midnight hour, tune in, turn on, drop out...

Deep Sang - One of Washington DC's up & comers, he plays all type of tunes for the kids, but when he plays in NYC for me, he knows it's all disco or nothing! Jacob brings the serious heat from his collection, and really lays it down with smooth mixing and great programming skills. Make sure to check out his Bump & Hustle mix which is killer, and make sure to check him out again next time he is in town, because he was getting those feet moving at the last Puddin' party.


Benguin & Fox 50 - The two other Foreal People Djs! 3 is the magic number. Ben has a long history of outsider music promotion, obsessive record collecting, general scene shit and attitude that only a hardcore guy like him can have. He's also blazing on the decks, this guy is the up and comer. He handles the decks naturally, with class and style, and is a favorite of those in the know. He is the one to watch.

Now let's not forget Josh Dunn AKA Fox 50, AKA Wax Poetics art director, AKA Wax Poetics radio show host and DJ, AKA 100 Limousines and American Nights brain child, AKA Foreal People DJ & graphic designer, AKA AKA AKA... I don't know how he does it all, but he does, and he does it well! Detroit style on the decks all the way, Josh is always going to bring the excitement, and/or the deranged! He turns up unknown records like Timmy Dig-A-Lot turns up Leo Sayer records, and never ceases to stump me.

For this upcoming Foreal People party on Decmber 3rd, we all promise to make you contort yourself with left field jams, soul movers, disco stompers and boogie shaking vinyl all night long!!!

Thanks for the support everyone, and for making 2009 such a great year. However, enough reminiscing. Look out because 2010 is going to be even better year, new party concepts, new spaces and more collaborations and proper guest Djs. I can only promise to continue to book the great talent that is out there, particularly the talented and overlooked DJs that are under represented in this game, and hopefully bring their talent to light, and take these dancers to heaven...

Richie AKA Love On the Run


In January, Boston's Joseph Colbourne, and Paris' Jeremy aka Underground Paris will be joining me for a night of international dance grooves!!! These are the young guns to watch on the scene.

2010 preview, More info to come...

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