Monday, August 31, 2009

PUDDIN, Thursday September 3rd!!!

It's a celebration!

Open Bar from 10-11pm, we are getting a case of bubbly for this one!

Legendary Disco DJs Hippie Torales and Peter Reyes have been DJ'ing since the early 70s, and have been DJ'ing Dance music and rare grooves all over the globe ever since.

Check out the August 21st Edition on for Peter's latest radio show

Check out for an interview with Hippie about the dawn of Disco in New Jersey!

Doug Gomez and Henry Maldonado have been tearing up dancefloors in NYC with their Play It Loud parties, and have been tearing up floors all over the globe with their viny releases. Check for mixes and party info!

JBX from Big City Records and Lost & Found has been one of NYC's top record dealers servicing the biggest producers with source vinyl for more than a decade. Check for his "Thanks For Waiting" mix that has everyone trainspotting!

Asaf aka PaperStax is the man behind the man when it comes to rare tunes. He is going to close out the night 100 Limousines style with his trademark of "STRONG SONGS". check out for his mesmerizing soul disco mix!

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