Friday, May 8, 2009

Africa Bump - Unreleased Disco

At this point people must think I work for PPU or Lotus Land, but I don't! So this is not so much a "new release" announcement as much as it is a tip off.

The story is, Africa Bump was most likely never released back in the day, but I can't tell you much more than that, or I would have to kill you!

This is a limited release, so get it while it's hot or you will be crying disco tears when you can't score a copy. This is the only way you will ever have this unreleased disco monster!


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Anonymous said...

Actually, you are not correct. It was a very small pressing promo that got out in 1975 on Orfeon, It was a 7 inch release of Africa Bump by Grupo Santa Cecilia with a B-side called Yeah Yeah Bump. Both tracks are great. There is the one and only I have ever seen and it is on EBAY right now. I'm going to try and bring it home!!!