Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KON at PUDDIN', May 7th - New NYC Party Alert!!!

Puddin' is finally almost here! Puddin' is Secret Rendezvous' labor of love, our disco baby that we are going to nurture this year. To quote Belle Farm Estates, "Puddin' is my true love, and Puddin' is my whole life!"

Puddin' is all about selectively booking special guest DJs with truly advanced knowledge and skill in the areas of disco, boogie and soul, to provide the highest quality evening of entertainment, for the most discerning of listening ears and dancing feet.

Also equally important, after organizing many underground parties at small venues with compromised amenities, Puddin' is finally about using a venue with a world class sound system, in the basement of APT, where we will never lose the cozy feeling you can only get with a smaller, more intimate venue.

After this first night pops off, we look to book someone special once a month, doing our best to make this a another summer for fans of deep vintage dance and soul music to remember.

You can bet that Kon and I are going to do our best this May 7th to make sure no one can kick this feeling when it hits, with deep records from our vaults, as well as edits being spliced exclusively for this jam!

And of course I have to mention Puddin' one of my favorite home made indie disco productions ever made, which essentially encapsulates the vibe of our party PUDDIN'! Enjoy our theme song from our friends at Belle Farm Estates in Baltimore!

P.S. Special Thanks to Al Kent from Million Dollar Disco for the great flyer!

P.P.S. Copies of the Puddin' record are available out there in the real world, but if you don't want to pay the market price for an OG (which is pretty reasonable these days), Kenny Dope did a re-issue on his label with his own special edits of the tune, check out Kay Dee Records.

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Ben said...

Awesome! I'll be at this foreal!