Friday, March 27, 2009

Classic London Soundclash: Wild Bunch Vs Soul II Soul - New Years Eve 1987 (Reposted from test pressing blog)

Check out this blog , I was drawn to this incredible post containing a live recording of a fantastic sound clash between two big London sound systems. Expect MCs working the mic, as the DJs spin boogie, soul, house, funk, etc. A great documentation of an era now gone.

Soundclash: Wild Bunch Vs Soul II Soul - New Years Eve 1987


If you want to hear to the sound of West London on NYE in ‘87 then it probably doesn’t get much better than this for capturing the vibe (it’s rough though). If anyone has the DJ Milo Wild Bunch compilation this is where the live segments came from. Nice to hear the Wild Bunch and Soul II Soul in full flow in a club setting, especially when Daddy G of Wild Bunch/Massive Attack fame can’t remember the name of their new record (’it’s so fresh I can’t remember’) and that record is their seminal cover of ‘The Look of Love’. Top man.

Bringing it back to the future, DJ Milo of the Wild Bunch isn’t a man to shout, but I hope he won’t mind me saying his website is here and it’s well worth checking. Proper Bristol legend still moving.

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